innerQuest is a psychiatry and counseling practice in Asheville, NC. Founded by 2 psychiatrists, Dr. Steven Buser and Dr. Leonard Cruz, it offers comprehensive treatment for those seeking personal growth or relief from symptoms such as depression, anxiety and other psychiatric illness. They assist clients in optimizing their health through  psychotherapy, medication, spiritual growth and behavioral treatments.We look forward to assisting you in your inner journey.Current innerQuest Providers:

  • Steven Buser, MD
  • Leonard Cruz, MD
  • Richard Smoot, PsyD
  • Robyn Miller, MD
  • Megan Reilly Buser, LCSW

For the last number of years Dr. Buser and Dr. Cruz had been practicing medicine at Family Life and Learning Center in Asheville, NC and in mid 2012 moved their psychiatrist / psychologist practice next door. Their new practice has frequently been described as having some of the best psychiatrist or psychologist in Asheville