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Touching the Unspeakable Nightmare

I just finished viewing the film We Have to Talk About Kevin. I watched the film primarily out of obligation as we are about to host a seminar on it. I knew nothing about it, other than Dan Ross was moved by it and wanted to lead a seminar about “the Predator.” I was absolutely blown away by the film and sit here in a stunned state. I don’t write many blog’s for the Asheville Jung Center. In fact I haven’t written any prior to this; but I sit here so stunned that I feel I have no choice. I’m a psychiatrist and have been practicing some 20 years now. I’ve seen many wonderful patients over the years and been delighted by their dreams and stories. I’ve also, however, had a handful of patients that make my hair stand on end and keep me up at night. I’ve run into patients that seem to have no conscious at all; that have no remorse for any act. I’ve had rageful patients, incredibly abusive spouses and even one that shot his wife and his two children execution style. I’ve been haunted by these encounters and never truly known what to do with them. This film brought these feelings and memories into Technicolor and left me stranded on a desolate reef. What is a sociopath? How are they formed? Is it nature, nurture, or a cruel act of fate? How can anyone sink to the level of random murder? Anyone who has been horrified by Columbine or any mass killing or even the sociopathic car salesman talking you into the wrong vehicle must see this film. Be prepared to lose your grounding of what you thought was typical humanity and be left in a disturbing paralysis. Regardless of whether you can make our seminar next week or not, do see this movie. It hits the absolute bowels of our society, but you will not regret it. Steven Buser, MD Founder, Asheville Jung Center

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